Monday, July 20, 2009

Any new tips/advice/treatment?

How's everyone doing? I hope better than last time we checked in!

I am now on to a holistic-type of doctor since my traditional pediatrician says that since I've taken out dairy, soy, wheat, eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, beef, pork, corn, tomatoes, and citrus that the next step is to go to a prescription formula since we are still getting bloody diapers.

Well...of course that's not what I want...come on now, if I wanted to go to formula, do you think I would follow above said diet now for almost 5 months?!

So we go to this new doctor (referred by my DH's co-worker who went through something similar) and he is WONDERFUL! He asked me if I brought in a diaper for him to look at (not even the GI specialist wanted to see a diaper!) and asked me to start writing everything down that I'm eating (which I've been doing and brought along my notebook for him to look at) - and NO doctor has even shown interest in looking through my journal or suggesting that I even keep one! So he wins points right off the bat with me! He looked through my journal and saw 2 things that I should take out....caffeine (I was drinking decaf coffee) and chicken! He wanted me to add back fish (salmon, trout, etc). So that was last Thursday...I stopped caffeine and chicken/meat (I already was pork/beef-free) and added salmon. NO BLOODY DIAPERS! (XXX fingers that now I don't get one!) and he wants to see me this Thursday! I was getting bloody diapers at least every other day...sometimes every day! Oh, and he didn't push me out of his office.....he was very calm and not in a hurry at all. I love him! The first doctor that really seems to care what I'm going through as a parent (worry/guilt/etc)

He said that some babies can not tolerate the protein in meat he thinks that might be the culprit. He also said his top things that he sees are dairy, gluten, citrus, caffeine, alcohol, meat. He said he's not even really too concerned about soy.

So we'll see what he says this Thursday. Hopefully he'll have me add more things back into my diet. I'm dying for some cashews!

So...if anyone is having as many problems as I've had...maybe my little story helps!?! I am hopeful that this doctor will help us be more successful than the previous advice I was getting!


  1. I dont think E has it as bad as your LO, but I can tell you he has a hard time digesting when he eats meat proteins. Our allergist told us that Ethan would do much better once he was on table food and that he would be able to tolerate yogurt and cheese and so on, but nope! I find he can tolerste chicken and protein from beans, but thus far, no other proteins. I just hope he does gradually grow out of it!
    The doctor sounds wonderful! I am lucky enough that our pedi has an open mind and works with my accupuncturist's advice on such things as probiotics, meat digestion and alternative foods to the traditional first foods (my son is 1)

  2. Wow! I am so glad you are finally getting results. The doctor sounds awesome. Also, I have some serious respect for you. There is no way I would be able to follow that diet.

    Harrison had been doing so good with me being dairy free. He never had bloody diapers, but he was super fussy when I had dairy. Since I cut it out he has been great. I cut it out when he was 8 weeks old and he turned 6 months old 2 weeks ago. I decided to add some dairy back in my diet. No raw dairy, just items with dairy in them. Well, this weekend Harrison was so fussy. It could just be teething, but I am going to cut dairy back out.

    It is really hard, but it is so worth it. I can handle it until he is one. I really hope for his sake that he grows out of it though.

  3. I'm glad your LO's are doing better! That's awesome news!

    To ease both of your minds, as it has eased my mind....the GI Specialist, the Pediatrician, the Allergist (yup...even took him there!) and this new doctor all say that he will outgrow this around 12 months. So there is hope that we'll all be able to eat cheese again one day! LOL

    I was very worried that he would have to live this "free" diet for the rest of his's one thing for me to do it...but I really didn't want him to have to do it for the remainder of his life..that would suck big time for him. So this was heavy on my mind and all the doctors have said the same thing.

    Another interesting thing I learned from the allergist is that the molecule that makes our LO's "allergic" is not the same molecule that normal older children/adults have issues with (you know...closing throat, hives, etc) so there's really no test to see if they are "allergic" to these things since the tests made to check (the RAST test for example) test this other test results are not accurate. Just thought I'd share that with you!

    Good luck and good job on getting your LO's in a better spot!

  4. Thank you for this update. I've been following your blog as my 3 month old son is having similar problems. He was diagnosed with MSPI when he was 6 weeks old. I too have cut out most of the common problem foods (dairy, soy, wheat, nuts, corn, seafood and citrus) but occasionally still see blood. I also cut out all legumes because he reacted to lentils. Please continue to update us. I'd love to know if cutting out meat has made the difference for you. Thanks.

  5. Hi! I am a first time mom who just got put on a milk and soy protien free diet. Our doctor told us that it could take 6 weeks before we would see a complete difference. Kaylee, our daughter was more fussy than she was the first two weeks of life, started to get mucus in her stool, and then I saw blood specks. When we took it to the doctor it tested negative for blood twice but my husband and I both saw it. The doctor told me to stay off of those foods anyway because of all the mucus. I am wondering if anyone has had the same thing happen? Now that I am off dairy and soy for 2 days the mucus is mostly gone but I saw a blood speck today. She was never inconsolable but she still seems to feel bad (grunting, waking from sleep, etc.). How long till you saw results from eliminating things from your diet in your LO?

  6. Hi ladies! I too am having trouble with my little one. She will be 6 weeks old tomorrow and started having green stools about 2 weeks ago. They progressively got mucousy, and there was blood in the diaper every so often. Talking with my pediatrician I have cut out dairy and soy. It has been three days, and although the stools are still green and somewhat mucousy, there hasn't been any blood. He said to give it 2 weeks and then we will reevaluate. Crossing my fingers that its the dairy and soy because wheat and nuts will be really hard for me to give up!!! Props to Cassandra1028 for sticking to such a strict diet:-) How is it going now for you?